Team Adrenal is a Norwegian white water kayaking team. On this Blog you can follow the team and read about the missions they are involved in.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

The New Season Is almost Here!

After a winter of trying to escape the cold most of the team are back in Norway waiting for the new season to arrive. Even though the new season isn't very far away it can't come quick enough. Especially when we have friends like Kjartan who are still in warmer countries sending us shots like this!

We are looking forward to a fantastic season in 2005. We will be posting what we get up to on this blog so stay tuned!!

Martin Vollen

I’m 23 years old and I grew up next to Sjoa in Heidal. I was eleven when one of my friends got me into kayaking. Now I can’t imagine a life whithout my boat. I spend more time in my play boat than in my creek boat, but I’m probably a better creeker than a playboater. I have never been able to explain the feeling I get when I’m paddling, but it's what keeps me doing it. If the best kayaker in the world is the one that has most fun on the river, then I want to become the best padler.

Mathias Fossum

Hello! My name is Mathias Fossum, 18 years old and live in Oslo, where I
have been kayaking since I was 13 years. I started with playboating, now I
do most creeking and river running. I also do a lot of football, ski,
climbing and more..

Lars Georg Paulsen

I'm a 22 year old boy from Arendal in the south of Norway. I've tried every sport there is, but I fell in love with kayaking. I started out as a slalom paddler, but after WM in Lofer, slalom in Norway was dead. That's when I started river running and rodeo. Nowadays, I use all my spare time, as long I'm not at work or school, out paddling. Can't picture myself doing anything else but paddling.

Per Christian Pederson

I'm a 28 year old dude from the south of Norway. I started with slalom  
kayking when I was 13 years old, since then I'v been padling World Cups, and World  
Championship all around Europe. When I was competing in the World Championship (1994) in USA, I also had my very first creeking tour, that's when I got hooked on it. I work as a teacher, in the timber field, and I try to paddle as much as I can. Kayking is life!!


Young, free and single! Well i'm 23 from good old Yorkshire. I first went kayaking when I was about 12. My dad bought a fibreglass kayak and I spent hours on the local canal dreaming that one day i'd be able to kayak down big rivers. Then I got into sea kayaking for a few years before getting the oppertunity to paddle rivers. Now I paddle as much as possible. I have spent the last 5 summers exploring Norway.

Mark Burton

Like all the other team members, kayaking is my life. I love being on the water hanging out with friends. I started kayaking at the end of 1997 and by the spring of 1998 I was on my first trip to Norway. I spent the next few summers working and paddling over here before I finally decided to move here. The paddling here is awesome and there is nowhere else I would rather live.

Meet The Team.

Who are Team Adrenal?

We are a Norwegian white water kayaking team who love to hang out with friends, huck drops, surf waves, travel and party! The team is 6 strong, during the summer we spend our time paddling the fantastic rivers in Norway. When the snow hits we look else where for warmer climates. If you see us at events or on a river come say hi and have a beer!