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Friday, June 17, 2005

Mad dash to the UK

With news that the new Liquid Logic creek boat the, El Jefe, had finally landed in Europe I packed the van and hit the road for Good old Blighty (England). I headed down to see Ant and Nick down at System X to get my hands on some for the boys.

Same as anyone, I always get excited about getting a new ride but this time was even more so. Liquid Logic are renowned for making the best river and creek boats by far, nothing comes close to the Gus still, so I was really curious to see how the production Jefe had come out after many prototypes and intensive testing.

First impressions were great. You can definitely see a lot of the Gus in there but with extra thrown in. One of the first things you notice is the bow. There is a lot more volume and a huge turned up nose that looks like it will stay on top of anything. The seat has been redesigned with a lower back to make access to the rear of the boat easier and it now has storage under the seat itself with 2 anchor points also built into the back.

The only bad thing, I was in the UK with this awesome creek boat, no water and over a week before I returned to Norway.

I decided to call by Gary Chambers of Soulboater. Soulboater are a great clothing company based in the UK that now sponsor the team. Gary invited me round to get some dinner and meet the family. After drooling over the Jefe one more time and letting the kids put it through their testing we were treated to the best chilli I have ever had. Soulboater is based near the Nene white water centre where they were having an open day that weekend.

I decided to drive back down and hook up with some of Soulboaters other paddlers and hang out for the weekend. Gary introduced me to Oli Castle who is really interested in coming out to Norway to film some C1 creeking for our film which will be some awesome footage, so stay tuned!
Good time was spent paddling the little course and hanging out with a really cool crew, oli, Aaron, Chris and Molley. The Nene might not be Hurley but it has a really nice atmosphere.

After everything was wrapped up in the UK it was time to hit the road and cruise back to Norway where I have had just enough time to have a quick go in the Jefe before we head up to Voss for the extreme week this weekend.