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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sjoa Kayak Festival 2005

Pile on, Per Christian, Lars Georg and Becky-Lar

After a great week at the Sjoa Kayak Festival we are all back home. Again we weren’t blessed with the best weather but the levels were good.

Mark on one of the slides

The first 2 days of our trip were awesome! 10 hours crammed in a van is no fun for anyone and we were starting to get a bit fidgety on the drive North. As boredom hit we drove past a huge dam with what looked like a runable shoot. We quickly U-turned the van and parked up to have a closer look. It was good to go and so was Lars Georg! He jumped into his kit and psyched up while we set the cameras. The speed he came over the top as he dropped in was amazing, 3 or 4 extra power strokes saw him hit the big lateral with a lot of force. A lot of down time later he resurfaced with a huge grin and a sigh of relief!

Lars Georg charging

Day 2 we headed for the Upper Jora. The river is pool drop with loads of cool slides and drops and made an excellent trip.

Per on the Upper Jora

That evening was the pimp and ho ball at punch. Becky-Lar hit the party in true Ugandan style and kept the things going till the early hours when the pub closed and we headed back to camp to continue. Big shout out to Swedish F**k thanks for the entertainment!

Shooting an advert for Bergans Norway

The next days were spent paddling the local rivers, shooting an advert for Bergans as well as the competitions. The boater cross was another great event with loads of action and battles through Amot falls.

Sjoa Boatercross

The freestyle was also a great event. Unfortunately after winning the pre-lims Becky-Lar washed off on her ride in the finals and ended up with 4th.

Now we are back home in the sun again looking forward to the Big O Festival.