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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Voss Extreme Sports Week 2005

Heading over the tops.

No sooner had I returned from the UK I got a call from Kokatat paddler Christie Glissmeyer, “ Hey Mark, I’ve just finished the poweraide competition in Europe are you guys going to Voss?”
Do bears crap in the woods?!!!


The Voss Extreme week is the event we all look forward to the most. The festival brings people from all backgrounds (mountain bikers, base jumpers, kayakers, rafters, skydivers, skaters, snowboarders, skiers and many more) to the small western town of Norway. The week is filled with competitions and parties with live music playing each night in the festival tent, just after today’s video, which is a rap up of what happened that day.

Mark on one of the many slides

Per landing his boof

We hooked up with Christie and headed for the festival. Norway has had its largest snow pack in 50 years and we turned up in Voss it was raining hard and had been doing for some days. With all the rivers bursting their banks we decided to warm up with a play run. Normally this section is quite timid but at these levels was a really good run, almost like a cold Africa with big wave trains and holes.

Mark about to drop in

Christie mid flight

These 2 shots were taken by who followed the festival through out the week, to see loads more shots visit their site:

  • We returned to a soggy camp to hear rumors of several paddlers having to walk out of normally relatively calm runs due to water levels. As we were debating what runs may be possible for the following day a group of German army soldiers cycled past our camp. Now we aren’t the brainiest bunch but we know that 1 plus 1 equals 2, and a group of German soldiers in a foreign country normally equals cheap beer! Norway is stupidly expensive for alcohol, and facing a lot of camp time due to high flows Becky-Lar was quick off the mark!

    German beer supply!

    The next couple of days were spent running some of the tributaries to the normal runs and thanks to the high water the Milky wave, which was almost an urban myth until this week, was working in the middle of town. It was the first time we had seen this wave, which was only discovered over the past couple of years. We arrived to find a big glassy wave on the side of a nice hole with eddy service and only 2 people paddling it. We ran back to the van threw our kit on and charged back to find a queue of around 20, obviously the word was out! The rides were well worth the wait though and it was decided that the freestyle competition would be held here the following day.

    Christie back stabbing Milkywave

    Becky-Lar carving it up. Photo:

    The competition was held in a jam style format and even though the wave had dropped a lot it was a great event with Becky-Lar getting third and Christie in second both being beaten by Norway’s paddling queen Mariann Saether.

    Lars Georg styling

    Per Christian off the final drop

    The next competition to take place was the Down river “extreme” race. We decided to go up the day before and see what the levels were like. The race section is called the Brandseth and is a great little run. As expected it was high, we took a quick run down and had a blast, the race was going to be great. The level dropped slightly for race day but was still high and proved to be very challenging when trying to paddle exhausted at full speed. A record number of swims and crashes were witnessed with much enthusiasm from the crowd. One rock in particular just above the finish caught a few paddlers out, but luckily Voss rafting provided plenty of cover and everything ran safely. Good job guys!

    Becky-Lar, what else can I say!

    The last night of the Voss extreme week is always the big party night and this year was no let down, swim beers and much more were drunk which ended in some fun and games and Lars Georg trying to wrestle me, sometimes you just have to show them who’s boss!

    Lars Georg nursing his ankle

    The next morning saw camps been broken down as people moved away to leave Voss as the little quiet town it usually is. The local police force came to camp and stood offering people free breath tests to see if they could drive or not, a much better idea than standing at the end of the road and fining people. The idea was well received and safe driving was promoted and enforced in a manner everyone agreed with, it would be nice to see more of this rather than authorities just trying to line their pockets.

    The partying catches up, Viv crashed out

    Yet again another great festival that has left us waiting for next years, see you there!