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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Urban Assault

This Sunday the 23rd October we got the first signs of snow down here in the south. It wouldn’t have been so bad if we weren’t on our way kayaking! The end of season is here so we thought we would have one last mission.

Per battling the cold.

Per Christian had heard of a dam that had never been run. So off we went to check it out.

After driving down a dirt road that seemed to be leading nowhere there it was in the distance, it looked good but you can never tell till you get there.

Sure enough the drop was a clean freefall of about 25 – 30 feet. The only problem was the amount of water going over the top.

There was only a couple of cm of water running over the top of the concrete so the only problem was getting over and away from the dam itself.

Lars Georg grabbed his Gus and made a clean line down no problem. He then decided to try in his Vision and hit a huge boof with a really hard landing that knocked his man bits and put a tear in his eye!

Lars Georg laying it flat

Per Decided he didn’t want to risk his back with flat landing and took his Jefe for a run. The Jefe didn’t clear the lip like the other 2 boats and Per dived in behind the falls. We had already checked this scenario out and it was cool so we just waited as Per appeared from behind with a smile.

Per Christian dropping in

I was up next. I decided a big boat was best so I too grabbed my Jefe. The idea was to charge the drop and put a big final stroke to pull me away from the dam and then drop the nose to plug the landing. Unfortunately the Jefe slowed on top as she hit the edge and the big final stroke span me 180 landing me in the base facing the fall as a short blast of water to the head pushed me behind.

Mark in mid twist

With a bit more water this will be a really fun drop so we will be back in the spring. Fun day to finish the season, now we are looking forward to warm water elsewhere!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Un-named Feeling DVD

After nearly 2 years of filming our first DVD Un-named Feeling is almost finished. The DVD will be available in December but until then you can check out the trailer on our home page. Just follow the link below.

  • Un-named Feeling