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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

One for the road!

Big Wolf taking one last look before dropping in

As I had to head back to the UK for a while I was hoping for one last paddle. The rain had been belting down for a few days so myself, Lars Georg and Big Wolf decided to head to our old favourite.

Near Birkeland is a large slide/drop that only runs in flood. The last time we went it was low and 3 out of 4 paddlers got hurt.

We arrived to find the area where we usually park the car under water, so we ended up parking down river and paddling up to the walk in.

After 10 minutes walk there she was with plenty of flow. After a quick game of paper scissors stone Big Wolf was up first.

Unfortunately non of us got sots of him as he hit a perfect line and effortlessly glided through.

Lars Georg was up next with another sweet line and cameras rolling!

Lars as usual hitting the sweet spot!

Next up was me. Last time I was here I boofed out and hurt my back by going too far right, so today i had two voices in my head. One saying go hard left play it safe, and the other real voice saying play it cool stay. While the two voices battled it out I hit the sweet spot too to make it 3 out of 3.

Mark cruising through the fall.

Mark shot from below, taken from Lars new sony hd camera.

A cool trip with 3 nice lines and a great finish to the season, i've left the boys out there with the rain so probably more later from then. For me i'm back in the UK finishing the movie, Un-named Feeling. If you haven't seen the trailer yet check it out on our home site or hit the link below:

  • Un-named Feeling